Tesla 2nd Quarter 2022 Financial Statements - Facts and Figures!

Tesla 2nd Quarter 2022 Financial Statements - Facts and Figures!

The second quarter of 2022 at Tesla has ended and now the production and delivery figures have been published: According to information from Tesla, they produced a total of 258,580 electric cars in the second quarter (April, May and June). A total of 254,695 electric cars were delivered. Despite this impressive number, the quarterly result unfortunately fell after five quarterly records in a row.

Tesla built 16,411 units of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X in the second quarter, and 16,162 units of the luxury class series were delivered. 242,169 units of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y rolled off the assembly line, and 238,533 vehicles were delivered.

All in all, Tesla reached 258,580 electric cars manufactured and 254,695 delivered in the second quarter of 2022. In the previous quarter, 305,407 electric cars were produced and 310,048 delivered. Tesla points to the ongoing challenges in the supply chain and the closure of the Shanghai plant. June 2022 was the month with the highest vehicle production in Tesla's history. The next few quarters will be particularly exciting. The Gigafactory Texas and Grünheide are currently being ramped up and the Gigafactory Shanghai is being converted to produce even more electric cars.

Tesla will provide further details on the business results for the second quarter of 2022, including figures for sales and profit/loss, as well as an outlook on the expected development in the further course of the year, at a later date.

Image source: Tesla

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