Price increase for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in Germany!

Price increase for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in Germany!

Yesterday we reported on the price increase in the USA, today it will affect Germany and some other EU countries. The price of the Tesla Model 3 Standard has remained the same at 49,990 euros. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range was 2,500 euros more expensive, from originally 56,990 euros to now 59,480 euros. The price of the Tesla Model 3 Performance has increased by 1,500 euros, from originally 61,990 euros to now 63,490 euros.

There was also a price increase for the Model Y. It is interesting that only the Model Y Performance has received a price increase. The original price was 63,990 euros and is currently 65,490 euros. Since the Tesla Model Y Long Range has stayed the same price and still costs 56,990 euros, it is cheaper than a Model 3 Long Range. You can tell that the focus is definitely on the Model Y and will probably overtake the Model 3 in terms of delivery numbers in the future.

Here is an interesting overview of the price increase for the Tesla Model Y in the EU countries. Accordingly, our price increase was fairly moderate:

Germany: MYLR +/- 0 and MYP + 1.5k

Austria: MYLR + 3.7k and MYP + 4.4k

France: MYLR +2.0k and MYP +3.0k

Italy: MYLR +2.0k and MYP +3.0k

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