New Tesla Model Y AWD from Texas!

New Tesla Model Y AWD from Texas!

Tesla customers who ordered a Model Y in the US and live near the Gigafactory in Texas have been notified by email that they can change their order to the new Model Y AWD. This information confirms the launch of the new base model of Texas' Model Y, which will use the new 4680 battery cells and structural battery. As with the Model 3, Tesla will no longer use the addition “Standard Range”. Tesla specifies the range of the new model as 449 kilometers, from 0-100km/h it takes 5 seconds.

The charging speed and longevity of the battery should be significantly increased with the new cells. However, there are no tests for this yet. Customers who change their order to the new Model Y AWD will benefit from a shorter delivery time and should have the vehicle delivered within weeks. Pricing starts at $59,900 in the US, which is $3,000 less than the Model Y Long-Range. This is still given on the website with a range of 531 kilometers. The new model cannot yet be selected via the configurator for new customers.

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