New software update 2022.20. The first updates are rolling out in the USA and Canada.

New software update 2022.20. The first updates are rolling out in the USA and Canada.

The latest software update with version 2022.20 is currently being rolled out in the USA and Canada. We can get an insight into the innovations, which will probably soon come to us in Europe.

With the new 2022.20 update, your Tesla will show a green stop line in front of a red traffic light. When the traffic light changes to green, a gong sounds to alert the driver, who may be staring at the moment, that the light is green and that he can drive off. If you're waiting behind another vehicle, you'll hear a beep when the vehicle pulls up. This function does not appear to require the EAP or FSD.

The most important and safety-relevant update is the automatic tightening of the seat belts. When the autopilot system detects an imminent frontal collision, the seat belts are automatically tightened. According to Tesla, the new Tesla vision system will help with this. This tightens the seat belts even earlier to better protect the occupants in the event of a collision.

When you arrive at your selected destination, the navigation system of your Tesla will again show you the range estimated by Tesla in addition to the estimated time of arrival.

For Model S and Model X only:

With the update, Tesla's adaptive dampers now adjust the ride height for an upcoming rough section of road. This adjustment may occur in various places, based on availability, when the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by other Tesla vehicles. The screen will continue to indicate when the suspension is raised for comfort.

Image source: driveteslacanada

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