What Tesla Ships From Shanghai Can We Expect?

What Tesla Ships From Shanghai Can We Expect?

After a crazy and nerve-wracking second quarter at Tesla, the first ship, the Glovis Splendor with Tesla vehicles, could finally arrive in Koper/Slovenia today, June 01, 2022 at around 3:00 p.m. after a long wait. Due to the lockdown in Shanghai, Tesla had to stop production for several days and was only able to slowly start it up again under strict hygiene measures. Of course, this delay also resulted in enormous time shifts for the current quarterly deliveries. Exactly which countries will benefit from this ship remains to be seen, but the first Tesla customers in Germany have also received a chassis number. However, this is primarily limited to the south of Germany. It is likely that Tesla vehicles that arrive in Koper/Slovenia will also be delivered primarily in southern Europe. The next ships with the port of destination Zeebrugge/Belgium could then supply the remaining countries with vehicles.

According to current information, we can expect the following ships in the near future:

  • THEBEN -> SHG 15.05. -> Zee 14.06.?
    -> Today: No current position, next destination Suez on 04.06.
  • RCC EUROPE -> SHG 19.05. -> South/Zee ?
    -> Today: No current position, next destination Suez on 06/08
  • HORIZON LEADER -> SHG 26.05. -> Koper 19.06.
    → Today: Singapore, next destination Suez on 13.06.

The following ships are currently under observation:

  • TANNHAUSER -> SHG 07.05. -> Zee 05.06.
    -> Today: before Gibralter, next destination Zeebrugge
  • HOEGH SHANGHAI -> SHG 07.05. -> Zee 07.06.
    -> Today: Before Sicily, next destination Le Havre 06.06
  • MORNING PEACE -> SHG 22.05. ->  Zee ?
    -> Today: No current position, next destination Singapore on 05.06.

If you would like to be up-to-date on this on a daily basis, then we can recommend the TFF forum and the corresponding thread: Current information on Tesla ship tracking.

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