Purchase premium for electric cars could even increase! Is the scrapping bonus coming?

Purchase premium for electric cars could even increase! Is the scrapping bonus coming?

Speculations about how the purchase premium for e-cars will continue are increasing. Contrary to the latest information from Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck that the premium would be reduced from 2023 and then gradually phased out, new information has made it clear that Minister of Transport Wissing is planning a different strategy. With the new draft of the immediate climate protection program, Wissing plans to extend and increase the purchase premium for electric cars and fuel cell cars until 2027. For cars with a maximum purchase price of 40,000 euros, there will be 10,800 euros instead of the previous 6,000 euros. In addition, as before, there is also the manufacturer's share of €3000. For cars with a purchase price of up to €60,000, €8,400 are planned instead of the previously promised €5,000. The costs of the entire funding program are expected to amount to 74 billion euros. In order to achieve the climate protection goals, there should be a scrapping premium for at least 11-year-old cars for the first time. According to the draft, the value of the scrapping bonus should be around €1500. According to the Minister of Transport, plug-in hybrids should also be further promoted. Contrary to the current subsidy, however, this should be halved to €2250 or €1875 depending on the purchase price. The subsidy for plug-in hybrids is to continue until 2024.

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