First ship from Shanghai and pre-series cars

First ship from Shanghai and pre-series cars

According to initial information, the loading of the first ship in Shanghai from the local gigafactory with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y models seems to have started. The Morning Chorus could leave as early as this weekend to bring the first cars from China to Europe for the current 3rd quarter. The crossing usually takes a month, so the first deliveries can begin as early as mid-August. After the second quarter of 2022, which brought only a few ships to Europe at the end of the quarter, this is now a ray of hope that Tesla will send significantly more ships in the third quarter to be able to meet the high demand. It is already suspected that up to 15 full ships could come. After about 8 in the first quarter and around 4 in the second, that would be a significant increase.

There is also information about Tesla Model Y vehicles from the Gigafactory Berlin, which were produced as so-called pre-series models and can now be delivered to customers instead of to the press. The processes in the factory are usually tested on pre-series models in order to ensure that the series models run smoothly. So that the quality of the vehicles is in no way inferior to the series models, they have been extensively reworked. The approval authority sees no problems here

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