The Tesla Model 3 has received a facelift!

The Tesla Model 3 has received a facelift!

We have now taken a close look at the new Model 3 (May 2021) and summarize what has happened and whether it is a real facelift or just small adjustments. To get a live impression, please have a look at our YouTube video. There we took a close look at the facelift and summarized the most important innovations.

Get a live impression - YouTube video

Already during the last refresh in December, little has changed from the outside, but important details have changed, especially for enthusiasts . The factory-chromed door handles, the cover of the side cameras and the window strips have been black since then. In addition, the 18″ and 19″ rims have been renewed and the performance model will be equipped with 20″ turbine-style rims.

The current changes are not directly visible on the outside. However, a loudspeaker has now been installed in the front right, which makes a noise as soon as you engage reverse gear. The noise has a high frequency that increases with speed. When the car drives forward, there are currently no noises. However, Tesla will certainly change this with a software update, so that in the future the Model 3 will also have an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System), as is now the case with all vehicles that are new to coming onto the market is a must. The AVAS is there to protect pedestrians and other road users, as an electric car is often not heard. This is how AVAS is activated when driving backwards and forwards (up to 32 km/h).

From the inside, the dashboard bar has found its way to the doors. Previously, the doors were equipped without any wood applications. This design element has previously been controversial. Tesla has a very minimalist design, but also offers few options to customize the interior to your liking. We prefer a more modern look and therefore offer our dashboard strips e.g. in the Carbon & Alcantara look in the shop, so you can cover the wood, which is usually installed in the dashboard. These strips are now also available for the wood paneling in the new Tesla Model 3.

The frunk has changed slightly. There are now small flaps on the left and right under the bonnet, which are intended to reduce wind noise in the interior. In addition, you now have a steering wheel heater. In addition to the seat heating, this function has been added to the climate menu. In addition, the Long Range model now has the same battery as the Performance model. This increases the range to 614 km according to WLTP. With this, Tesla once again convinces one or the other doubter.

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