The Model Y is coming to Germany this year!

The Model Y is coming to Germany this year!

Earlier than expected: Tesla is bringing the long-awaited Model Y to Germany this year. The US automaker's fifth model is scheduled to be launched and delivered in August. The Model Y was actually supposed to be built in Grünheide, the new Tesla plant in Berlin. However, since the construction work is still being delayed, the first Model Y will probably come to Germany from the Shanghai plant. The Model 3 was also imported from there.

As usual, the Model Y will be available as a long range and as a performance variant. The Long Range will have a WLTP range of 505 kilometers and will be available in Germany from €57,970. The performance model, on the other hand, manages 480 kilometers according to WLTP and is currently available for €64,970. However, if you want a Model Y Performance, you have to wait until the beginning of 2022 for delivery.

At first glance, the Model Y can be assigned to the Tesla family. With the narrow headlights, aligned in an arrow shape to the front apron, the model is strongly based on the Model 3. It looks like a jacked up Model 3 with more space. The Model Y will even be available as a seven-seater option, similar to the Model X. However, the complex “Falcon Wing” is dispensed with. Of course, the Model Y also has a large panoramic glass roof.

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