Expansion of Tesla Superchargers for 2022!

Expansion of Tesla Superchargers for 2022!

Tesla is a pioneer in fast charging electric cars with its superchargers. There is currently no easier way to charge an electric car. Tesla has not used charging cards for its superchargers since the beginning, instead relying on simple communication between the vehicle and the charging station. Every Tesla has a registered account with a stored payment option. This means that no charging card or app is required. Tesla Superchargers are mainly positioned on freeways on a regular basis. Tesla is thus ensuring that Tesla vehicles can charge at any time and that owners do not have to be afraid of range. But Tesla is trying to steadily push ahead with the expansion in order to open new locations and further expand old important locations. Tesla has already increased the number of Supercharger stations from 112 to 125 Supercharger stations since the end of the year. According to the Tesla Map, another 79 supercharger locations are planned. It is noticeable here that Tesla is primarily expanding the network of freeways and around large cities. New superchargers in direct urban areas are not planned in the near future. In the Tesla Online Map you can see pretty precisely where and when Tesla is planning new locations. Another big advantage when charging with Tesla Superchargers is that they can be selected directly in the Tesla navigation system and the current load is displayed.

Do you already know our DC protection? Other manufacturers have an extra cover for the lower part of the charging connector so that the two contacts for DC charging are not exposed. At Tesla, these are unfortunately always open. The contacts of the DC connection can be covered with our protection. We designed this DC protection ourselves and made the top extra thin so that the flap of the Tesla also closes. The cover can be left permanently on the DC connectors and only removed for DC charging. The top is still tear-resistant and won't break.

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