Alternative to the Tesla mobile connector!

Alternative to the Tesla mobile connector!
As Elon Musk announced via Twitter, the mobile connector (UMC) for charging at the Schuko socket will no longer be automatically supplied with the vehicle purchase in the future. According to an evaluation by Tesla, this is rarely used or not used at all. According to an internal info mail to Tesla employees, this applies to all orders placed on or after April 17, 2022. Tesla specifies the market for this deletion as global. Elon Musk also announced via Twitter that the mobile connector (UMC) will be offered in the online shop for $400 in the future. This tweet caused a huge shitstorm online. Elon Musk responded that due to the very negative feedback, he reduced the mobile connector price to $200 and this can then be easily ordered with the Tesla order. The mobile connector can be ordered in the German Tesla online shop for 340 euros. Additional adapters are available in the online shop for an additional charge. However, as of today (April 20, 2022), the mobile connector is not in stock. As a better mobile charger alternative, we can offer you the EVAlino from our shop. This mobile charging solution comes with a CEE16 (charging up to 11 kW) and Schuko plug adapter. This means you can conveniently charge your Tesla at home or on the road at any time. The EVAlino is manufactured regionally in Schleswig-Holstein. More adapters for the EVAlino are available in our online shop.

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