How long can Tesla not produce Model 3 in Shanghai?

How long can Tesla not produce Model 3 in Shanghai?
Shortly before Easter there is not so good news from Shanghai. According to current information, in the worst case scenario, the Gigafactory Shanghai could not reopen until May 15, 2022. Due to the 0 Covid strategy prevailing there, employees are required to comply with strict quarantine regulations. But not only this is a problem, because the logistics around the Gigafactory Shanghai is also an issue. Shanghai has set up certain zones in which some areas are not allowed to be entered/driven on, so it is difficult for Tesla to get parts to the Gigafactory. But driving enough finished vehicles to the port is almost impossible. It is suspected on Twitter that Tesla has already switched production in America and is already producing Tesla Model 3 there for the European market. This should primarily affect long range and performance models. But these are all just guesses. Whether Tesla is really reacting here is uncertain. So we have to keep a close eye on how things are going in the next few days/weeks. It is all the more important for Tesla to further expand the Gigafactory Berlin and ramp up production in order to deliver the Tesla Model Y quickly and perhaps expand production to the Model 3 at some point in order to become more independent.

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