Tesla Model Y Performance now with delivery January 2023?

Tesla Model Y Performance now with delivery January 2023?
When you look at the Tesla Model Y configurator, you notice that the delivery times for the Model Y have been updated. This is especially true for the Tesla Model Y Performance, which comes from the Gigafactory Berlin. If you order the color Midnight Silver, you can probably (as of today) expect delivery in November 2022. With the colors Deep Blue and Red Multi-Coat, we are now at delivery in January 2023. The delivery times for the Tesla Model Y Long Range, on the other hand, have hardly changed at all, especially with regard to the colors, Tesla has announced delivery in September 2022. Is this perhaps an indication that the upcoming Model Y Long Range is still coming from Shanghai and for the time being only the Model Y Performance from Grünheide? What are the new extended delivery times for the Model Y Performance? The demand for the Tesla Model Y is increasing, the performance model is also in high demand, and the price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable. Of course, you also have to note that the Gigafactory Berlin has to start up first. Black Model Y Performance is still primarily produced, with white to follow next. With the colors it will apparently take a little longer. It is currently leaking out that Tesla can produce an estimated 350 vehicles per week in the Gigafactory Berlin. We do not know whether other factors play a role. You should definitely keep in mind that the Gigafactory only opened in March and of course it takes time for everything to work smoothly and interlock.

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