Price increase for almost all Tesla models in the USA!

Price increase for almost all Tesla models in the USA!

Tesla has increased prices for many models in the US. The prices of the popular Tesla Model 3 “Standard Range” and Performance have not increased. Thus, the starting price for a Tesla in the USA is $46,990. However, the Long Range variant has been increased by $2000 and now costs $57,990. The price of the Tesla Model Y has increased in the US for both the Long Range and Performance versions. The Model Y Long Range is up $3,000 to $65,990 and the Model Y Performance is up $2,000 to $69,990. But there was also a significant price increase for the Model S and Model X. For the “Dual Motor” variant, the price of the Model S increased by $5,000 to $104,990 and the Model X by $6,000 to $120,990

Prices in Germany have not changed as of today. Most recently, there were two price increases for the Tesla Model 3 here in March 2022. The "Standard Range" now costs 49,990 euros in Germany and is therefore only funded with 7500 euros instead of the maximum subsidy of 9000 euros. The Tesla Model Y was spared at the time. The price for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y has been the same since the last price increase. Both models currently cost 56,990 euros in Germany. There will probably be a price increase here in the near future. How this turns out for us remains to be seen. If you are thinking about buying a Tesla, you should not wait long.

Source: Twitter

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