New product labeling for the country of origin!

New product labeling for the country of origin!
With our new brand 2befair, we have made it our task to be transparent to our customers, because we believe this is the only way to gain trust. But we don't just want to implement this with our 2befair brand products, but also with all products that you can order from Shop4Tesla. That's why from now on you will find the country of origin of the respective product at the end of the product description. Products that are “Made in Germany” are marked separately with a logo directly in the article heading. We want to tell you openly and honestly where the product comes from. You will also find products in our online shop that we buy from China. The Chinese market offers a huge variety of products, so that we cannot do without the products, at least for the time being. However, our task is to replace as many products as possible with regional production in the future. This is of course a cost factor that should not be underestimated. With the purchase of these products you are also supporting a future switch to regional production facilities. Learn more about the origin of our products!

In our online shop you will find our sustainable 2befair rubber mats

for the Tesla Model 3 & Model Y, but also other

great accessory for your Tesla.

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