Delivery of the first Tesla Model Y with 4680 cells in the USA!

Delivery of the first Tesla Model Y with 4680 cells in the USA!

As already reported, the new 4680 cells were presented on the day of the grand opening of the Gigafactory Texas on April 7th, 2022. For the time being, these will find their way into the Tesla Model Y. In the past few weeks, Model Y with the new 4680 battery cells have only been delivered to a small group of Tesla employees. Accordingly, there has not yet been a detailed everyday test. But that's changing now that Tesla is beginning to ship these vehicles in the United States.

One of them is a YouTuber from the USA who shares his supercharger running experience with his new Tesla Model Y. The charge was started when the battery level was 9%, the charging power briefly increased to over 200 kW, but then fell back to below 200 kW relatively quickly. At 20% battery level, the charging power was around 145 kW. At 35% battery level it was around 100 kW and at 50% battery level it was still 80 kW. At the threshold of 80%, the Model Y then charged with 50 kW.

This charging curve is not yet perfect and far from what Tesla promised. However, this is not a problem for Tesla, because the charging curve can be adjusted and improved at any time via software updates. It is quite possible that Tesla will act a little cautiously for the time being and want to test how the new 4680 cells behave under real conditions.

Source: Youtube

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