Wallbox Pulsar Plus 22kW

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  • Eligible - simple derating to 11 kW by electrician
  • Versatile for all type 2 electric cars
  • Start and monitor the charging process with the app
  • Including WLAN/Bluetooth communication
  • Intelligent load management (power sharing)
  • Detects DC fault currents (therefore only the inexpensive FI type A 30mA has to be connected upstream)
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IMPORTANT: It is currently not possible to submit new applications to the KfW for funding of the Wallbox. However, if you have already submitted an application, you can still submit the bill for the wall box together with the bill from the electrician and get the €900. The deadline is usually 9 months from the date of the request.

You can find more information about KfW funding here.

In the list of eligible wallboxes you will find the Pulsar plus under the manufacturer's name "Wallbox Chargers". Your electrician needs to confirm for the subsidy that he has throttled it down to 11kW. This happens via a switch in the housing of the wall box.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a practical, intelligent charging system for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that can be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth using an app and the myWallbox charging management platform. The Pulsar Plus also has an integrated DC fault current protection as standard. The Pulsar Plus charging station is only 16 cm² in size and therefore very compact. The Wallbox has the most advanced technology for maximum charging performance. The Pulsar Plus is suitable for any environment: in private garages or in communal parking lots. It can be easily activated and monitored via app.

Customer FAQs

Are brackets included?
Yes, a connector bracket is included. There is no cable holder. However, the cable can be wrapped around the wall box.

Can the wallbox be switched on or off remotely?
Yes, the wallbox can be unlocked or locked with the free app or the online portal. For this, the Wallbox needs a WLAN connection to be able to access the Internet. Alternatively, the Wallbox can also be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. However, this only works at close range.

Can charging reports from individual charging processes be viewed?
Yes, charging cycle reports and reports can be viewed using the app or via a web browser via the online portal.

Which electric cars can be charged?
All electric cars with type 2 connection.

Do I need an external circuit breaker?
Yes, but the Wallbox Pulsar Plus already has an integrated DC current protection, so an RCD type A circuit breaker is sufficient.

Is an electricity meter integrated?
Yes, the electricity consumption can be queried via an app.

Can the LED light strip be deactivated?
No, the LED light strip is permanently active because it serves as a status display for all functions.

Is the Wallbox eligible for KfW funding?
Yes, the 11 kW model is eligible for funding without any problems. With the 22 kW version, however, your electrician must reduce the charging power to 11 kW so that the application for funding can be approved. You can find out here.

what you have to do for the funding application

Can the wallbox also be used outside?
The wallbox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because it is protected against dust and splash water.

Can I also use the Wallbox Pulsar Plus for a car with a type 1 plug?
No, the Pulsar Plus only has an integrated type 2 cable.

My car only supports 1-phase or 2-phase charging.Can I still use the Pulsar Plus?
Yes, 1 to 3 phase charging is supported

Can I also install my wallbox myself?
No, the installation and initial acceptance must be carried out by a certified electrician.

How does the load balancing between the charging stations work?
The master wallbox communicates with the slave wallboxes and automatically regulates the distribution of the charging power so that the maximum set charging power is not exceeded. The wallboxes communicate via a cable.

I would like to create invoices for my charging processes, is that possible?
Yes, you can use the app or the online portal to manage your consumption and export data. This means that you can also create accounts, e.g. for the use of company vehicles.

Country of origin of this product: Italy (learn more)