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Vehicle insulation for Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y

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  • Noticeable reduction of driving and other disturbing noises
  • Sound rounding of the audio system
  • Pleasant and high-quality feel of the doors
  • Installation by Tesla specialists
  • Installation service can be booked on site
Nach dem Kauf deiner Fahrzeugdämmung wird sich kurzfristig ein Mitarbeiter bei dir melden, um einen Termin für die Arbeiten abzustimmen

With Custom Tesla we have gained a partner with years of experience in the CarHifi sector and in the field of professional insulation. Custom Tesla has specialized in the insulation of electric vehicles, especially electric vehicles of the Tesla brand. Constant optimization and improvement characterize the special offer of Custom Tesla. Thanks to special measurement equipment and technology, Custom Tesla makes any improvement objectively measurable and reveals new potential in the field of vehicle insulation.

Especially with electric cars, the acoustic perception of noises such as wind noise or rolling noise is significantly stronger than with conventional combustion vehicles. Here in particular, there is a great deal of potential in proper vehicle insulation. Custom Tesla starts exactly here, where vehicle manufacturers stop.

But what are the advantages of professional vehicle insulation? First and foremost, it's about reducing driving and other noise. Other benefits include rounding out the sound of the audio system and a pleasant yet high-quality feel when closing the doors.

You can choose from the following vehicle insulation packages:

Base variant: Duration: approx. 1 day

Focus: Motorway and country roads, general noise such as creaks and squeaks

  • Doors front & rear
  • Tailgate
  • Tailgate
  • Vehicle-specific noise (creaking, squeaking, etc.)

Variant Pro: Duration: approx. 2 days

Focus: Bad roads, cobblestones

  • Base scope incl.
  • Frunk (incl. control of mass points)
  • Fender & wheel arch liners
  • HV wiring inspection (Model X Performance)

Insulation installation can be done at the following locations in Germany:

  • 79541 Lörrach
  • 46414 Rhede
  • 53804 Much

In the UK, installation is possible at the following location:

  • BH25 5NN New Milton

Alternatively, Custom Tesla offers a mobile installation service. This service can be booked for 99 euros throughout Germany. The mobile installation service for the EU and Switzerland can be booked for 199 euros.

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