Tesla Model 3 2017-2021 Boot Bag Set

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  • 2x roller travel bags (128L)
  • 1x airplane handbag (55L)
  • 1x airplane handbag (50L)
  • 1x sports bag (72L)
  • 2x airplane handbag (35L, only included in the 7-pocket set)
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Was the capacity of the boot a decisive factor when buying your car? Then make the most of it! With this set, you can stow up to 30% more luggage in your boot.



When you use a KJUST bag set, you know exactly how much will fit in the boot: Exactly as much as fits in the bags. That way there are no surprises.



If you use all the space under the parcel shelf, you can store a lot and the luggage is secured. The bags don't fly around in the car during sudden acceleration or braking.



Thanks to their sloping sides, which are adapted to the inclination of the rear seats, the bags fill the boot optimally. This is a unique feature of the KJUST bags.



The roller bags included in the set can be pulled like a trolley by pulling out the handle. A second bag can even be placed on top.


You can carry heavy items like ski boots in your bags. The material is flexible, waterproof and very durable. The carrying straps are made with the same technology as safety belts.


The bags are resistant to low and high temperatures, snow, rain and moisture. The clothes inside the bag always stay dry.