Juice Charger me 11 kW

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  • Versatile for all type 2 electric cars
  • "Plug and Charge" capable
  • Including 2 RFID cards
  • Integrated residual current circuit breaker
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The JUICE CHARGER me is connected in next to no time. The device is preconfigured at the factory and can be used by the customer immediately. Additional settings are not necessary.

As one of the first wallboxes, the JUICE CHARGER me is designed as standard for "Plug and Charge", the future charging standard in all European countries and beyond.

The JUICE CHARGER me is supported by KfW funding (DE) and is ideal for the home garage, private parking lot or carport. A power connection is sufficient as a single charging station in the private sector.

As a small, simple, inexpensive variant, it is also suitable for hotel parking, golf courses / tennis / fitness center parking spaces. Its flexibility also makes it interesting for parking garages and fleet parking spaces.

For operation with charge / load management, the JUICE CHARGER me only needs a LAN connection. Unlock, plug in, charge: In public use, cars can be unlocked via RFID without “Plug and Charge”.

The JUICE CHARGER me is ...

... a "plug-and-play" device: the charging station is delivered completely preconfigured from the factory and is ready for immediate use without any further settings.
... for "plug and charge" -capable cars with the ISO 15118 standard. After plugging the charging coupling into the vehicle socket, the JUICE CHARGER me is activated and begins to charge.
... for all other vehicles equipped with an RFID reader and delivered with two preprogrammed RFID cards.
.. . Designed for master-slave operation from two to 250 units. One device takes on the even distribution of the existing electricity to all other stations. The omnidynamic charging / load management smartJUICE offers more flexibility, for example through the possibility of prioritizing individual vehicles.
... already with the standardized interfaces (Modbus / TCP, Modbus / RTU, EEBUS) for the latest generation of Smart Homes equipped. This enables, for example, charging with electricity from the home photovoltaic system or external load management control.
... suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to IP54.
... can be attached to the wall or - individually or in double - can be mounted free-standing on a separately available pillar. A bracket for the type 2 vehicle coupling is included in the scope of delivery for wall mounting. A pillar for free-standing assembly is available separately.

Dimensions: height 240 mm, width 240 mm, depth 120 mm
cable length: 5 m
weight: approx. 6.5 kg (including charging cable)
input current: 230 V, 6 - 16 A ( 1-phase) AC or 400 V, 6 - 16 A (3-phase) AC
Output power: regulated version for KfW funding: max. 11 kW (16 A, three-phase)
Operating temperature: -25 ° C up to + 45 ° C
CE conformity: IEC 61851, IEC 61439-7, EMC RoHS
protection class: IP54
FI security: RCD DC 6 mA, AC 30 mA - temperature monitoring
coupling on the vehicle side : Type 2 (IEC 62196)
Activation: RFID reader (MIFARE Classic / Desfire); Plug-and-Charge according to ISO 15118
Communication: Ethernet; OCPP 1.5 / 1.6; Modbus / TCP, Modbus / RTU, EEBUS
Material, color: frame brushed stainless steel, front panel UV-resistant polycarbonate glass
connection: fixed, to be carried out by an electrician