Heidelberg Energy Control

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  • Dynamic, local load management from two networked wall boxes
  • Maximum of 16 wall boxes can be networked
  • Modbus RTU for external load management control
  • (e.g. via a Home Energy Management System (HEMS))
  • High quality stainless steel front
  • Plug and play solution - easy to install by a qualified electrician or installation service
  • Connection to 230 volts or 400 volts
  • Charging operation 1-, 2- or 3-phase
  • Integrated residual current detection: DC 6mA
  • charging power (adjustable): e.g. 2.1kW/3.7kW/7.2kW/11kW
  • Length of the cable: 5 m or 7.5 m

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Smart charging system for up to 16 e-cars
The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control is the perfect charging solution for garages, apartment buildings, as well as company and hotel car parks. Thanks to local dynamic load management, several networked wall boxes distribute the charging current to up to 16 hybrid or electric cars. In addition, the wall box can be installed inexpensively, since it can be operated on any standard three-phase connection. Loading is that easy today.
Added value for tenants, guests, customers and employees
The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control can be used individually indoors and outdoors or networked with up to 15 other wallboxes. It thus offers companies tangible benefits. As a landlord or housing association, you make your residential property fit for the electromobile future. As an employer, you make it easier for your employees to switch to climate-friendly cars. And as a hotel or restaurant operator, you increase your attractiveness for guests who arrive by e-mobile.
Locally dynamic load management and short charging times
Clever load management for several parking spaces at a reasonable price? The Wallbox Energy Control makes it possible. You can network up to 16 wall boxes with each other, which optimally distribute the maximum available power to all connected vehicles - completely automatically. The Energy Control reliably charges any hybrid or electric car with a maximum of 11 kW via the type 2 connection - five times faster than with a normal household socket. As soon as a car is fully charged, it will continue to be supplied with sufficient power if required, for example to continue to operate the auxiliary heating or air conditioning. The current released flows into the batteries of the other vehicles.
Simple installation without follow-up costs
Thanks to the local dynamic load management, the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control can be operated simply and inexpensively on any 16 ampere power connection that is already installed in many places. This eliminates the need for time-consuming excavation and conversion work that puts a strain on the budget. In addition, the wall box does not incur any follow-up costs, as it is completely maintenance-free and only requires one watt in stand-by mode.
Smart interaction with your photovoltaic system
The Wallbox Energy Control is also perfect if you produce your own electricity with a photovoltaic system, for example. External control is permitted through the already integrated communication interface (RS485). This allows the Wallbox to be connected to your existing, in-house Home Energy Management System (HEMS) with a 2-phase cable. In this way, the excess electricity from the photovoltaic system can be used specifically for charging the electric vehicles. Conversely, the system only directs as much solar power into the wall box as is currently available. The Wallbox Energy Control thus guarantees consumption-optimized feed-in of your self-produced electricity during charging.
Easy to connect and flexibly expandable
If the wall boxes are integrated into a HEMS, the charging system can be controlled locally dynamically via the Internet Depending on the manufacturer, you will also have various apps for cost management or at your disposal Charging process monitoring available. To protect against unauthorized loading, the box can be locked externally. In addition, there are connections for retrofitting optionally available access controls via RFID, key switch etc.
Proven and robust technology
Like the ADAC test winner Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco, the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control also scores with high-quality and robust industrial production, which is carried out at Heidelberg according to the zero-defect principle.

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