New facelift models of the Tesla Model S and X

New facelift models of the Tesla Model S and X

Tesla Model S and X lovers have been looking forward to this day for a long time. The long-awaited facelift is finally here. In addition to the design, Tesla has also adapted the vehicle range and removed the performance models from the program. With the Model S there is only Long Range, Plaid and Plaid+ and with the Model X only the choice between Long Range and Plaid.

You can already see the first changes in the outside view. In addition to Chrome Delete, the new front lip also catches the eye. It looks a bit sportier than before and the air intakes on the sides are a bit smaller. The rims of the Model S have also received a redesign. The 19-inch Tempest rims that are included have fewer air intakes and should therefore reduce drag.

In terms of interior design, everything has changed. It starts with the dashboard, which has been adapted to the Tesla Model 3 design and enables three-zone temperature control. In addition, the main screen is now horizontal and, according to the description, can be tilted so that the passenger can also operate the screen better. There is also an HD display behind the steering wheel and a completely new feature is a display in the center console, which allows the passengers in the rear to control the media, games and air conditioning. The display allows you to play from any seat on the games console with 10 teraflops of computing power and wireless game controllers. The biggest change is the steering wheel, which is no longer round but U-shaped. The so-called yoke steering gives you an uninterrupted view of the display behind the steering wheel. In addition, the steering wheel is now also heated. The front center console is equipped with sliding cup holders and storage space as well as the wireless fast charger and is also reminiscent of the Model 3. The front seats can be ventilated again. This function was only available for a short time and at that time also with the leather seats. In the future, the entire interior will have 22 loudspeakers and the active noise suppression is specially tailored to the ultra-quiet interior of the Tesla. There is also a small but very fine change in the doors. Storage compartments are finally installed here. Tesla Model S and X drivers had to do without this for a long time. Premium connectivity is free for 3 years with the new models. After that, it will probably cost the usual €9.99 per month.

We are excited about the new models and look forward to future Tesla accessories. We are determined to offer more for the Model S and Model Y in the future. If you want to know more information about the changes, please watch our YouTube video. Happy watching!

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