NEW in our Shop! The New Aero Rims for Model 3 and Model Y

NEW in our Shop! The New Aero Rims for Model 3 and Model Y
Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. The New Aero rim was specially developed for Tesla. This is where modern and at the same time sporty design meet. The ingenious design reduces resistance by 9.9% and lateral force by 94%. In addition, the range of your Tesla Model 3 increases by up to 7%!

The New Aero rim is available in the colors Glossy Titanium, Matte Stealth and Smooth Stealth, each in 19 inches. Thanks to the identical equipment specification as the corresponding original Tesla wheel, the original wheel nuts and wheel hub caps can be used. Due to the existing ABE approval, no entry is necessary.

Another special feature of The New Aero is that it was designed in Germany and Sweden. The rims are manufactured in a family-run company in Bergamo, Italy. This is not only a great advantage logistically, but also from an environmental point of view!

Background on The New Aero:

The founders of the company The New Aero met over the Tesla Owners Club, more precisely the TFF Forum, a unique community where everything about the Tesla brand and the vehicles is shared and critically analyzed. After several discussions about Aerowheels, efficiency, design and the evaluation of the options in which members from Germany and Sweden took part, everyone finally had to realize that there was hardly any choice on the market. So it quickly became clear to the founders that something had to happen in this segment!

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